The term Satanism suggests several interpretations. Since the Middle Ages, is used to describe the beliefs of pre-Christian or non-Christian religions such as Wicca. There are also contemporary connotations involving the diabolism a philosophy, etc. worship the devil. Basically, the Satanism is a life style of implementation. Its essence is based on the idea that every human being in his individuality, is a god, capable of achieving high levels of development, since that is not attached to any religious dogma that subtract their actual primitive values. Therefore, each individual has a spiritual and philosophical freedom to create and develop your criteria, it is his own priest, savior and god. In this case, Satanism is not associated with the Devil worship or opposition to Christianity. Luciferanismo The Luciferanismo can be considered a derivation of the philosophy used in Satanism. His followers do not worship Lucifer (Lucifer is seen as an angel, and not as the embodiment of evil in Christianity), but see him as a reference to reach Spiritual Enlightenment. Since the origin of its name means Bearer of Light Gothic Satanism In this case, the term is synonymous with Gothic Medieval. This variation is only part of the legends created in the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church to frighten the Christians and used against him in the inquisitorial process. The case of the witches of Salem in 1692, is one example. This legendary range of Satanism, supporters sacrificed their children and animals in ritual magic destructive. Dabblers Satanists Is mainly associated with the fashions adolescents. His supporters sporadic test rituals of magic by using the sacrifice of small animals. It is essentially a form of anticristianismo where Dabblers (fans) love the devil is known in Christianity and hide under a condition that Satanic think. Also called Devil Worshippers (worshipers of the Devil), is also linked to criminals who allegedly committed the crimes motivated by Satan. Religious Satanism It is the most widespread form of Satanism. It Satanic Bible and the dogmas. Also home mystics and ceremonial aspects, such as baptism and marriage, that characterize a religion. However, there is no concept of deity worship heaven and hell, good and evil or God and devil. The Church of Satan and the Temple of Set are examples of religious diabolism.
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